Bar Lazy R is a dream realized for shop owner Sarah Ransone to tell your story through the legacy of cattle branding. All of Bar Lazy R's products are made right here in America and Sarah creates every piece out of her home with the love and support of her husband and above-average dogs.

"Bar Lazy R started when I noticed the brand on a cow hide rug in our house. At the time, all I saw was an 'S' and a 'P' (now I know I was looking at S tumbling P) and I couldn't stop thinking how funny life is that the brand that marked this particular hide...that just happened to be our initials...would eventually find it's way into our home.
This tiny moment quickly snowballed into a tasteful obsession with everything there was to know about cattle branding. The history, the language, the pride, the stories. Western American cattle brands have been telling their own stories for centuries, and it is my dream to bring this legacy into your home to help tell the story of your exceptionally, ordinary life."

-Sarah Ransone

Tell your story. Make your mark.


 Pre-designed Bar Lazy marks

Custom designed personal marks


From the ornate brands of the early Spanish cowmen to the simpler and more utilitarian irons used today, each has a story worth telling. Each reminds us of an open-handed way of life that seems to be slipping from our grasp. It is a way of life that still has much to teach us about individual freedom and the entrepreneurial spirit exemplified by those enterprising cattlemen who were our forebears.
It is a legacy we should not let go.

-Elmer Kelton
San Angelo, Texas